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T38Fax Featured in Telecom Reseller Podcast

Posted by Dana Meltzer on Apr 25, 2019 3:11:53 PM

Podcast: CHANNEL PARTNERS – SPECIAL FEATURE – Finally, Fax technology that WORKS ALL THE TIME for Business, Fax Servers and Service Providers.

- Posted on Telecom Reseller on April 10, 2019


t38logoIt is long overdue.  Sending faxes over the internet has been a problem since they first started sending them.  It is still an essential part of businesses but always the after-thought when migrating to the cloud. Faxes are not an after-thought any longer. Darren Nickerson, Founder and President of T38FAX, has been involved with faxes and the internet for decades. He explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication how he does it. It is a very interesting explanation of how he identified the actual internet-fax problem and how T38FAX fixed it.


If you are a carrier, large enterprise or SMB you need to listen to this podcast.  You will then want to call T38FAX and sign up.



Their T.38 implementation is exceptional, and because it’s their own in-house technology they’re constantly improving it.


They really know what they’re talking about. Ask most people how to get T.38 working and they’ll simply parrot back what google has told them – namely to slow the speed down to 9600 bps and turn off ECM error correction. This misinformation is so widespread that most carriers intentionally disable ECM support in their T.38 gateways. T38FAX thinks that’s crazy – the whole point of a facsimile is to have an exact copy of the image on the other side and that doesn’t happen without ECM, and if you slow the speed to 9600 you’re eliminating faster speeds and modulation speed that help cope with challenging audio conditions.


You can listen to the full podcast at Telecom Reseller.


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